Ex-cop Cam Stokes knows gangs. His explosive novel takes you inside an outlaw motorcycle gang, the Devils M.C.

Gang prospect Rotten craves respect and power. He wants his patch so badly he'll do anything for it. But before he's accepted, Rotten must prove himself to the gang.

Rotten's got problems. The cops are on his tail. He's struggling to control his violent temper, and his growing reliance on P is threatening to ruin everything.

And all this is happening, here, now.

The Devils Are Here was released in September 2008 and spent four weeks in the top five for New Zealand fiction.

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“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
The Tempest. Act 1, Scene 2.
William Shakespeare.

Extract from Chapter One


I was sitting next to a pound of weed and it stunk like hell. This is normally a good thing but right now it was a real bastard. I’d left a mate’s house, taken off too fast, and started losing it on his gravel driveway. I fish-tailed a couple of times and just about crashed into his fence. To make it look like a planned move, I put my foot down and floored it again as soon as I reached the end of his driveway. Unfortunately most of this was witnessed by two cops driving past.

They spun around straight away and got right behind me. F--k, stupid bastard! The dope was in a plastic shopping bag sitting on the passenger seat next to me. Why didn’t I hide it properly? I lent over and threw it on to the floor. I looked in my rear view mirror and was just in time to see their flashing lights spring to life. A short burst from their siren followed. I pulled over. One of the pigs got out and started walking towards me. I didn’t want him to stick his nose in my car cause he’d smell the weed straight away so I got out and locked the door behind me.

‘My name is Constable David Nailor from the Takapuna Police.’ He pulled a card out of his notebook and started quoting some shit about searching me without a warrant.

It wasn’t the usual name, rank and serial number routine. I was about to get searched. If they got a look in my car, I was going to get busted.  

The driver, Constable Grant Wilson, got out and stood next to me. Dave Nailor carried on. ‘You have the right to consult and instruct a lawyer without delay and in private. You don’t have to make any statement. Do you want to contact a lawyer?’

‘Why are you telling me my rights?’ I yelled. ‘What have I been arrested for?’ If I hadn’t been arrested, I didn’t have to hang around. I hoped to intimidate him and escape with a ticket for driving like a f--kwit.

‘You haven’t been arrested. I have to tell you your rights because you’re being detained so that you and your vehicle can be searched.’

I moved closer to Nailor so that I was right in his face and gave him the evils.

‘No way. No f--ken way. You’re not searching me without a warrant. If I'm not under arrest, I'm out of here. ...


The Devils Are Here isn’t a nice book and it isn’t intended to be. It contains violence, drug use, obscene language and some sexual references. I wrote it to show what really goes on inside a New Zealand gang.

The story is set in Auckland in 2002 and 2003. In reality there are five motorcycle gangs in Auckland and I created a fictitious sixth gang, the Devils M.C, and added them to the mix.

The Devils Are Here is about gang life, told through the eyes of a prospect named "Rotten". Like the vast majority of gang members, Rotten is a hardcore criminal whose life revolves around crime.

I wanted the book to be realistic. In researching the story I looked at crime committed by members of five motorcycle gangs over a five-year period. The level of offending in
The Devils Are Here is in keeping with what really goes on. Approximately 75% of the material is based on actual events and the remainder is true to gang life.

There's lots of violence throughout but it's not there just for the sake of it. It puts it in context and shows how prevalent it is. Most gang violence is unreported because victims are too scared or because it's against the criminal code to "nark".

The drug use throughout The Devils Are Here is consistent with what goes on in the gang scene. Rotten is addicted to methamphetamine and his P (crystal meth) use causes many problems. The Devils Are Here aims to show some of the harm caused by methamphetamine. I hope the book sends out a strong anti-gang, anti-P message.

I'd like to give a big thanks to Chris Catley of Cape Catley for publishing The Devils Are Here and to Anna Rogers for turning an idea into reality.

The Devils Are Here was released in September 2008 and spent four weeks in the top 5 for New Zealand fiction. It's available from all good bookstores including Whitcoulls and Paper Plus or send $25.00 (includes postage) to P O Box 60453, Waitakere City 0642, Auckland.

For more information or to order more than one copy please email me.  


Here’s a selection of feedback I’ve received...

I must congratulate you on writing an extremely good book. It is absolutely brilliant and to the average kiwi such as myself I had no idea what can go on in a gang. Some of the tricks of the trade you have certainly highlighted.

Loved it because it was so raw and real and true and so very cleverly written. Thought-provoking that's for sure. What blows me away is how you managed to get it so accurate from the perspective it's written, when you've come from the opposing side. It left me reeling as far as the wider effect gangs have in terms of their standover tactics. We all know that drugs and gangs are synonymous but I doubt many people are aware of the level and broader effect of gang intimidation. It really brings it home - disturbing to say the least. I'll probably have nightmares for a week now.

Received the book and had a read. Really good job. Should make a killer movie!

I have just finished reading your book. To be honest I found the book very disturbing and I was shocked at the mentally of the gang members, although a work of fiction, I am sure that you have based the characters on your extensive knowledge of gang life. After reading the book I felt haunted and sickened by the mentality of the characters portrayed in the book. What scares me is that I know that you have captured the reality of gang culture in a work of fiction.

I just finished reading the book...Fantastic, really enjoyed it, nice one.

I purchased your book 'The Devils are Here" last week and read it in a couple of sitttings. It was excellent - being a fan of Shakespeare particularly loved the title - very fitting.

I was hugely impressed with your story. I read a truck-load of fiction and I found your book an outstanding read. It is like a top drawer Paul Thomas or Michael Connelly novel with a bit more grit and gratuitous violence and a couple of very good laugh out louds. Marvellous stuff. I was hooked from the first page and read it in two sittings.

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